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The idea

The initial idea was to develop a contemporary electrical driven scissors for commercial and industrial use in order to meet the constantly progressing use of technical fabrics.

The result is the elaxa® battery scissors which can be used for cutting and trimming of single or multi-layer fabrics.


The product

Completely equipped the scissors weighs less than 1,000g, is balanced well and feels comfortably in the hand. Due to the compact design it is especially well-suited for being held by small hands.

The drive is carried out by a electronically commutated motor what makes it suitable for works in environments with conductive dusts (carbon fibre fabrics). The scissors is scalable and can be adapted to the specific needs.

It is especially suited for processing technical fabrics and modern composite materials.

Coupled with modern Li-Ion battery technology the powerful and brushless motor – including the exchangeable cutting system for which interlocked or coated insets are available as an option – makes elaxa® a modern tool system for a various scope of applications.

elaxa® side view